Cafe for casual dining in Port Macquarie NSW -LICENCED & BYO
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Green smoothies are a healthy option when dining at Lv’s

Get your Green fix with a great range to choose from. Check out the Drinks menu for more details.

Protein Powder, Chia Seeds, Spirulina; apple cider vinegar are all optional extras

Available dine in; takeaway

Our Local Produce

A little bit about us at LVS ON CLARENCE
Our chefs make all the jams & chutneys, cold smoke salmon, bake all sweets & make the freshest handmade pasta, bake all the breads including sourdough,rye, gluten free, brioche & sourdough fruit toast. Our sourdough is made from a live culture, which was created in 2012, when we we opened. Take a loaf home today!
Cam’s Eggs, Cam’s a half mad local bloke who set up Australian Pasture fresh here in Port to see if he could get 1,000 hens to produce backyard style eggs. Cam’s hens live an awesome life out on fresh pasture. When they’re not laying eggs, they like to get scratches and pats, ride their guardian dogs, and dig holes for Cam to roll his ankles in while he feeds them their daily treats. No wonder the eggs taste so good. Take eggs home? We have Retail available $8/dozen
Avocado living, located at Red hill, with deep rich & red soil & the use of organic fertilizers produces quality avocados .
Pearl of the sea, drop line & trap fishing our local reefs. Taste fresh, local fish on our lunch menu- Check out the boat at the wharf near by.
Lake Innes Lettuce & Herbs, fresh, pesticide free produce. Often only just picked that morning & on our plates for you!
It’s Wild Seafood, sustainably trawling our local waterways. Our chefs run down to the wharf to collect our King Prawns, squid, fish, octopus & more.
Moral Creek mushrooms, eco friendly, chemical & pesticide free. Shitake & King oyster mushrooms are known for high medicinal & health benefits.
Amber Drop honey, Johns River. All hives are rescued bee’s and collect pollen from native trees & wildflowers. Honey is raw & cold extracted. You can taste their honey & honeycomb on our muesli dish. We have retail honey available too!
Black Duck brewery, . All the Black Duck Brewery beers are brewed and packaged on site here in Port. We try new varieties each week, so ask for todays brew!
Connection Creek pastural, Crescent head pasture raised Angus beef
We are a locally run family business, our name comes from our two children Laiken & Violet. We are dedicated to providing the best in every aspect of the cafe! We hope you enjoy your experience with us – Thank you for supporting local business

Customer Feedback

Checked reviews and this place looked great… and it was. They were extremely busy, but managed to find us a table for two inside (very cold outside) despite how busy they were. We ordered coffee immediately and these were promptly brought out. Coffee was really, really good!! We also ordered quickly and when the meals arrived we were blown away with the size and quality. Awesome breakfast, top quality and so delicious. Found this place was quite good value for the meal size too… highly recommended, and will visit again next time in Port.